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Our Products

As the Australian distributor for some of the worlds most reputable brands in the fluid power industry. Whether you need to filter, monitor, cool or reduce your use of hydraulic fluid Exotech Australia is sure to have a product to meet your fluid management requirements.

Filtration Group GmbH (formerly MAHLE Industrial Filtration)

Since the early 1960s, Filtration Group GmbH has been active in the filtration of hydraulic and lubricating fluids. The continuous development of materials and production technologies guarantees economically and technically optimized products of the highest quality.

Bühler Technologies

For over 50 years Buhler Technologies has offered flexible, system-compatible sensors and devices with state-of-the-art output signals for liquid level, temperature and pressure monitoring as well as moisture monitoring in hydraulic-systems.

Buhler’s range meets today’s requirements in terms of a cost-effective and reliable operation of oil installations, even in hazardous areas. The Bühler fluid control product line extends the service life of oil and components, provides connectivity for automated operation, facilitates condition monitoring and helps reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Schrader Pacific

For more than 165 years, Schrader Pacific, the global leader in the design and manufacture of valve and mechanical system components.

In 1844 one of our first inventions was the world-renowned Schrader Pacific pneumatic tire valve–the very same valve that is used today on every motor vehicle in the world.

In addition to our work with leading OEMs in the automotive sector, we deliver customer-driven innovation to a diverse range of industries and applications–from industrial production, to off-road/heavy-duty equipment, to aerospace & oil and gas–delivering valve solutions that protect and perform.

Don’t settle for anything else, ask for the original Schrader!

Hydraulic Accumulators

As the Australian experts in hydraulic accumulators we know accumulators! From sizing, designing bespoke units to item of plant registration, Exotech is your accumulator specialist. With over 30 years combined experience working for the OLAER Group there is not much we don’t know about accumulators and it’s applications.

Our expertise doesn’t end with just product supply we can also inspect / register your accumulator to meet your local OH&S requirements.

Oil Coolers

In many hydraulic systems, only 70% of the input is left to do the designated job. The other 30% is lost to friction, pressure drops and to interruptions to the flow path. These energy losses soon become apparent as unacceptably high temperatures, both in oil and system components.

Cooling performance will reduce shortening service life and increasing costs. To obtain an efficient and economical hydraulic system, the problem of excessive temperatures needs to be addressed quickly. THE COOLER IS THE BALANCING FACTOR , at Exotech we recognize the importance of maintaining correct temperatures in hydraulic systems. Exotech as an extensive range of oil coolers to maintain the ideal working temperature to maintain oil viscosity.

Flexible Separators

With air and water contamination being the major cause of damage to a hydraulic system it makes sense to isolate your hydraulic tank from the environment the only way to do this is with a Made in Australia – Flexible Separator!

Having a physical barrier stopping, dirt, dust and humidity being in contact with your hydraulic oil, removing the need for desiccant breathers.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve

Above ground, underground, coal or gold. Exotech has proven solutions to meet all requirements. Whether your need is for a 6000psi accumulator on a longwall system, high flow tramp accumulators for a cone crusher or a lubrication & cooling unit on a conveyor drive.

With over 25 years combined experience in this sector, Exotech is a proven, Australian Made® manufacturer of stainless steel pulsation dampeners, subsea compensators, BOP & WHCP HPU accumulator sets.

Speak to Exotech for all your accumulator needs. We have the know how to select and supply the right product to meet the harsh working environment & documentation requirements of today’s Oil & Gas sector.

The hydraulic oil in your hydraulic power pack is your most important asset, if your HPU isn’t working correctly your production is not working to capacity.

At Exotech we have products which will save you energy, clean, cool, heat or monitor your hydraulic oil. Whether you have an injection moulding machine, hydraulic press, hydraulic hoist or forklift; Exotech has what you need in stock right here in AUS.

Exotech products can be found throught the Australian Defence Industry. 

As an Australian Made manufacturer we are proud to support our military at home & abroad.

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