Pulsation Dampeners

High Pressure Pulsation Dampeners

Why does my hydraulic pipe work vibrate?

How can I smooth out the flow on my metering process?

Exotech can answer both of these questions with a pulsation dampener! 

Exotech can also custom design and manufacture bespoke pulsation dampeners from units rated to 1050 Bar or -50°C contact Exotech – we like a challenge!

All bespoke units are designed in Australia and manufactured with over 90% Australian content which allows us to bear the Australian made logo 

Pulsation dampeners are used to minimize pulsations in liquid systems for varying reasons, which include – protection of instrumentation and gauges, prevention of pipeline and fitting failures, reduction of noise levels to improve the standard of product finishes, previously affected by pulsating hydraulic supplies.

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