Bladder Accumulator

Bladder Accumulator – General Information


The shell of the bladder accumulator is manufactured from homogeneous, seamless tubing with both ends formed hemispherically by spinning. Strict heat treatment and stress relieving is performed on all shells after the forging operation to ensure compliance with the required mechanical properties.

With working pressure 210, 330, 345, 420 and 690 Bar 


Totally enclosed construction with access to an extensive range of elastomers below are just some of the bladder materials


The fluid port incorporates a poppet valve which prevents the extrusion of the bladder. The design of the fluid port assembly is to prevent turbulent flow, pressure drop and potential pre closure of the poppet valve. A heavy duty spring prevents premature closure of the poppet valve which in turn increases bladder life.

With fluid connections ranging from ½”UNF, 1 7/8”UNF, G2 to SAE CODE 61 & 62

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