Diaphragm Accumulator

We know accumulators!

With over 25 years combined working experience with the market leader of hydraulic accumulators Exotech has the past knowledge to solve, meet your needs today!

Whether you have an old Fawcett Christie ‘Hydracushion’, OLAER ‘OLV’, ‘Hypulse’, ‘Greerolator’ or OFC ‘OLM’ Exotech can identify and offer a current model to meet todays stingent OH&S requirements.

Multifunction Compact Diaphragm Accumulators

Compact, light weight, economical design. These hydro-pneumatic accumulators are constructed of two forged steel hemispherical sections welded together by a high-tech electron beam welding process. This assures the customer a strong, safe and reliable design.

In many hydraulic systems these is the need to either store energy, compensate fluid level changes or absorb shock. In order for the accumulator to function properly , a high compressible medium (nitrogen) and a non compressible medium (hydraulic fluid) are separated by a rubber diaphragm.

The accumulator consists of a sealed steel shell which contains a rubber diaphragm.This diaphragm acts as a flexible barrier between the hydraulic fluid and the nitrogen gas. A button is molded in the bottom of the diaghram which is designed to prevent it from extruding under pressure or during oil discharge.

This type of accumulator can be mounted in any direction and has a maximum permissible pressure ratio of 6:1 (working pressure : precharge pressure).

The EDA series is design registered for use in Australia and provides the highest combination of quality and performance at an economical price making them the ideal choice for many applications.


  • Shortening stroke time
  • Leakage compensation
  • Increasing life expectancy
  • Energy Storage
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Pulsation Dampening


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